Downkids International is partner in the Europese project DS LEISURE

DS Leisure has been launched with the main objective of increasing the competencies (attitude, skills and knowledge) of people with Down syndrome, their families, leisure professionals, formal and non-formal caregivers and volunteers on how to improve the quality of life of people with Down syndrome through Including leisure activities can be promoted through an innovative training program.

DS LEISURE is a unique and INNOVATIVE TRAINING based on the following differentiated guarantees:

•Direct involvement and training of adult PDS.

• “Learning by doing”. • Promoting the acceptance of PDS through the participation of professionals in the leisure sector.

• Involving family and professionals as “supporters”, not just as a caregiver.

• Involve professionals from the leisure sector as “supporters,” not just as providing services.

• Train PDS in the exploitation of IT supporting technologies.


• Increase awareness and motivate the entire collective about the importance of inclusive leisure activities to improve quality of life.

• Increase the autonomy of PDS by making decisions about their leisure activities with a global approach where the well-being and quality of life are paramount.

• Transfer knowledge and guiding principles about the implementation of inclusive leisure activities for people with Down syndrome.

• Transfer knowledge and guidelines to use ICT tools to support inclusive leisure activities for people with Down syndrome.

RESULTS • Methodological guide developed with the direct participation of PDS and professionals in the leisure sector. • Training material for creating and improving the most important competences of PDS and professionals in the leisure sector. • Experience-oriented training for improving practical training in real life. • Development of an e-training platform to support the implementation of training material and experiential training activities. • Creation of 4 DS LEISURE UNITS. • Development of dissemination campaigns addressed to the European collective with regard to PDS.


Downkids International organized the third meeting between partners participating in the European project DS LEISURE on 24 and 25 September 2018 (the first meeting was in Craiova, Romania in October 2017, the second in Rome in April).

The initiative is promoted by the Romanian association ALDO-CET Asociatia Langdon Down Oltenia, Centrul Educational Teodora; Downkids International is one of the partner organizations. DS LEISURE aims to increase the skills, abilities and knowledge of people with Down’s syndrome and their environment, family members, professionals and volunteers, on how to develop inclusive leisure activities through an innovative training program.

The 3rd coordination meeting, held in Haarlem at Stichting de Baan, was important to centrally validate our trainer program, workbook, training and experiential training for the person. We practiced the dialogue, this is the underlying working form of the training in which people learn to express themselves. Important to ask open questions, such as Why, How! We worked in groups of 3 people: Facilitator Explorer Observer The autonomy of young people with Down syndrome gives them the opportunity to make their own way! A start has been made with the development of the e-learning platform so that the entire training will be available to anyone interested in using it


From 18 to 20 February 2019, AUTH organized the fourth meeting between the partners who
participate in the European project DS LEISURE, financed by the European
Commission in the context of the ERASMUS + 2017 program, Strategic Partnerships for
Adult Education.

The initiative is promoted by the Romanian association ALDO-CET, Asociatia
Langdon Down Oltenia, Centrul Educational Teodora; AUTH is one of the
partner organizations.

The fourth coordination meeting, which took place in Thessaloniki in the main building of the
School of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, was important to it
complete training material and experiential training. The AUTH team of the
partners has visited the Association of Down Syndrome and the Rehabilitation Center for
people with intellectual disabilities “Sotir” who have the ability to
to offer various forms of daytime activities for children and different buildings
adults with Down syndrome or another intellectual disability.

Special attention was given to the demonstration of the e-Training platform and
the games developed by the AUTH professionals for the purposes of the project.
The partners followed the training of the Hands on Workshop trainer to get the content of the e-mail
Use and manage training platform efficiently.
120 people with Down syndrome, families, support professionals and 40
leisure professionals are trained with the help of this e-Training platform.