2005 – 2014

Rumania – 2005

Downkids International started her activities in Rumania in 2005, where Dr. Peter Lauteslager (PhD) and Bert Bakker gave a 3-day training to physiotherapists, using a special method to support children aged 3 months and older. This special method was also shared with the parents, so they could continue to work with their children at home. Practicing at home results also in a very strong and close relationship between the parents and the children, which benefits both of them. The earlier in life these children get therapy, the better they will develop their bodies. Balancing is very important for them.


More information on the training method of Dr. Peter Lauteslager (PhD) can be found at: www.downdevelopment.nl




Bulgaria – 2012

In 2012 Dr. Peter Lauteslager (PhD) and his team visited Bulgaria. In two years’ time 8 parent groups were organized. Downkids International emphasizes on the importance of having parent groups, as they stimulate each other to share and develop knowledge.
Peter trained 3 physiotherapists from Bulgaria, who are now responsible for training other physiotherapists in Bulgaria.




Sri Lanka – 2009-2012

Sri Lanka was a great success! From 2009 – 2012 Dr. Peter Lauteslager (PhD) trained 60 physiotherapists, gave seminars and opened a knowledge center in the children’s hospital in Colombo for children with Down.


Albania – 2010

With the help of the Itzit cross media team (www.itzit.nl) we located and helped a family in Tirana, Albania with a 7-year-old down boy. The boy couldn’t walk or talk and was sitting at home the entire day. Itzit followed this boy for a few days and made a movie (http://downkidsinternational.com/en/movies/). It was shocking to see how this family was discriminated. But thanks to all this attention, slowly the mentality of the society in Albania towards Down changed. The family was invited to make an appearance on a TV show. Now Tirana celebrates World Down Day on March 21st.
Dr. Peter Lauteslager (PhD) and his team have trained local physiotherapists and Downkids International will continue to be active in Albania.


Peru – 2014

In November 2014 the board of Downkids International and Dr. Peter Lauteslager’s team visited Peru. The training programmes in Lima and Celendin were very successful and the lectures that were given on multiple universities also received a lot of attention. Both the seminars for parents and the therapy book of Peter Lauteslager are translated in Spanish