Projects in The Netherlands

Learning partnerships

Downkids International was lucky to get green light from the European Platform to work with three partner countries: Bulgaria, Turkey and Rumania to set up parent groups to share as much knowledge about Down we could.

We organized a seminar for three days in the Netherlands for them in which we presented knowledge about food, speech, hearing and sports.

Between 2103 – 2015 we work with Hungaria and Slowakia.

Our common goals are independant living and job creation for youngsters with Down Syndrome.

In the Eye movie museum we organized a seminar for our partners in 2013.

During this seminar we worked on self-awareness with the Down youngsters and made a movie which we showed at the  end of seminar in one of the cinema’s of the Eye.

We visited job creation projects en shared knowledge about independant living. 

Online platform

We are doing research if an online platform is a possibility for down youngsters to have a bigger social network.

When they get older, it is more difficult to have friends.