Downkids International sometimes makes movies about their projects to improve the position and possibilities of children with Down syndrome. These movies give an impression of (the importance of) Downkids Internationals work.

movie 1

In 2014 Pauline Senn made a documentary about early intervention method for babies and young children in Lima.

Many parents of down children will be informed about this treatment, which will help them to educate their children in a supportive way.

The trainers Peter Lauteslager and Bert Bakker will go to Lima and Cajamarca for a second training in 2015.

This documentary will inform you about a lecture in university and a training for physiotherapists.

movie 2

This movie is about Jonathan, a boy with Down syndrome in Albania, and his mother.  They live isolated and experience a lot of discrimination. Downkids International trained physiotherapists in Albania to work with young Down children and encouraged the set up of  a parent group.

movie 3

The third movie is made during a seminar in Amsterdam in 2013. This seminar, organised by Downkids International, was part of the learning partnership program with Hungary and Slovakia. Together the three Down organizations work on better social positions for youngsters with Down syndrome. The movie shows how the youngsters were working on their self-awareness, an important base for a happy future.