Projects International

2005 – 2014

Downkids International has started her activities in Rumania in 2005. Dr Phd Peter Lauteslager and Bert Bakker started a 3 days training in Craiova to instruct physiotherapists to use a special method to support children from 3 months on.

These instructions were shared with the parents too, so they could work with their children at home. It is very positive to experience that parents who play/instruct their children are having a deep relationship! This benefits both of them.

The earlier the children get therapy, the better they will develop their bodies. Balancing is very important for them.

The training of Dr Phd Peter Lauteslager you can find on: www.downdevelopment.nl



Bulgaria was the next country we visited with Peter’s team. In two years time our contact person raised 8 parents groups. Downkids International finds it very important to have parents groups as they stimulate each other to share and develop knowledge.

Peter has trained 3 physiotherapists from Bulgaria. They are responsible for training physiotherapists in future. They are independent working through the whole country.


Our activities In Moldova were not successful. Our contactperson was not able to organize 25 physiotherapists to follow the training of Peter. There were no parents organizations at that moment so it was to difficult to work in that country.

Sri Lanka was a great success!

In 3 years time, from 2009 – 2012 Peter trained 60 physiotherapists, gave seminars for parents and in the childrens hospital in Colombo a knowledge centre, specially for down children was opened.

How to open Albania?

We only had one mobile number from a person, but we did not know anything about her. We could not reach her! With the Itzit cross media team (www.itzit.nl) we decided to go to Tirana to see if we could find any down children in the street. We were lucky to find somebody who knew a family with a down boy form seven years old. He could not walk or talk and was sitting at home the whole day.

Itzit followed this boy for a few days and made a movie. It was shocking to see how this family was discriminated.  All this attention has slowly changed the mentality of the society in Albania. The family was invited on tv. In Tirana they celebrated world down day on 21st of March.

Peter has trained physiotherapists and Downkids International will continue to work in Albania. See the menu/movies

In November 2014 Downkids board en Peter’s team visited Lima-Peru.

Our contact person is a Dutch woman. She has a young son with down. The trainings in Lima and Celendin were very succesful and also the lectures in the universities got lot of attention.

The seminars for parents and the therapybook of Peter Lauteslager is translated in Spanish. A movie of these activities is made which we can use for other countries in South America.