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Downkids International colaborates as much as possible with parent organizations.  We see parents as the key link to realize a social status for their children with Down Syndrome.


Downkids International often co-operates with Erasmus+ to stimulate the interchange of expertise and knowledge. The Erasmus+ fund gives us the opportunity to start learning partnerships with countries in Europe. In a partnership countries work together for two years. With two, three or more countries you set together some goals in the benefit of Down children. Personal encounters form an inportant element in these partnerships. Our experience is that personal attention for eachother encourages the partner organizations to go ahead with their good work.  More information on 


For the purpose of efficiency and effectiveness Down Kids International also searches for partners in the Netherlands. Therefore we work together with Stichting Downsyndroom (foundation to support parents with Down children) and Upside van Down (this organziation works on more understanding, acceptance and awareness of Down children in the Netherlands).